Trading on Steroids

Trick out your MT5 platform with this pack of advanced add-ons. This powerful MT5 booster pack includes advanced trade execution and management, decision assistance, sophisticated alarms and much more.



The MT5 Accelerator comes with 12 exclusive trading add-ons that feature:

    • Full trading functionality (order, position & risk management)
    • Automated trading through expert advisors
    • Advanced charts with powerful, pre-built, custom-made indicators
    • Live quotes on a wide range of markets
    • News & alerts
    • One-click trading

12 Exclusive Apps
In One Powerful Pack


Wake up to the convenience of having your own personal trading assistant

Time is money. Why waste it on trading tasks that can easily be automated? Let the Alarm Manager automatically open your positions, send emails, and alert you on events and social media updates. Now you’re the boss – so you can spend time on more important things.


See how pairs compare and use that to your trading advantage

The Correlation Matrix is a nifty tool that shows you all the correlations between pairs. Use it to see relationships between currency pairs and highlighted areas of low/high correlation – then devise your own trading strategy around their movements.


Get the long and short of it by seeing the risk sentiment in the market

The market sentiment is on full display using the Sentiment Trader. Access a dashboard of current sentiment on multiple symbols. See actual traders’ open positions and historic sentiment plotted against price and use that as a confirmation or a sweet fail-safe for your trades.


Build on the Correlation Matrix’s info and trade on emerging differences

This cool add-on takes the Correlation Matrix to a whole new level. Not only can you compare connections between two symbols, with the Correlation Trader you can also trade on those emerging differences. Use it to inspect historic correlations in more detail so that you can make more informed decisions.


Get a bird’s-eye view on the world’s markets and pick the perfect time to trade

Keep a close eye on the markets you’re monitoring with an at-a-glance view of current global times and economic calendars. See key market changes including rise or fall during the session, total trading range and closing prices. You also get a recap on all your account activity including key metrics like equity, balance, margin usage, etc.


Customise news feeds and create filters to track stories you’re interested in

‘Connect’ delivers news feeds and economic calendars that you want to see. Customise the tool by filtering updates based on stories and feedson instruments. Alerts pop up when there are new articles that match your filters, sent directly to your MT5 platform. Keeping up with the news has never been this easy!


Get your symbol watch-lists, account and order activity all nicely organised in one place

With Market Manager you have full control and access to all the important market information you need, in one small and convenient window. It provides a ‘watch list’ of symbol prices, current open positions and the profitability of each symbol. Use it to select and switch between different groups of symbols, place market and pending orders, and modify existing positions, all in one place.


Precious things come in small sizes just like this little Trade Terminal extension

The Mini Terminal is a handy little tool that displays the same deal ticket as the Trade Terminal, for traders who want to concentrate on a specific market. You can use this terminal to place orders, give monetary or pip value to your parameter, stop loss and take profit. You can also automate tasks and optimise your trading with one-click entry for simple market positions.


Go undercover and trade with orders that no other trader can see

Hide your entry and exit levels and pending orders from other market participants. Instead of placing a stop or limit order, Stealth Orders waits for an entry price to hit and then buys or sells at market price without a pending order in the market for other traders to see. You can also use it to get stealth stop-losses and take-profits too. That’s what we call incognito!


If you have the need for speed, this add-on won’t disappoint.

Get super quick, one-click trades with the Tick Chart Trader. Place ultra-fast order entry and exit via single mouse-clicks or keyboard shortcuts. The ideal tool if you want to place very short term trades, entering and exiting the market lightening fast several times during a trading session.


Trade like a pro, with this advanced trade execution and analysis tool

Trade Terminal is filled to the brim with professional level features like automated scaling out from positions, templates for frequently used order entries, and analysis of open positions. It’s designed to give you access to professional level trade execution and analysis tools.


Use your Excel skills to interact with MT5 data

Extract real-time account, ticket, and price data straight into Excel using simple formulas – no macros, no programming! Even with basic programming skills you’ll be able to send trading commands and build simple spreadsheets that display and analyse account and price data in real-time.

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