We offer two main account types: ZERO, which is our zero commission trading account, and CORE, our raw spread trading account. Take a look at the account comparison table below to see which fits your trading style. Also, make sure to check out our Demo account, great for anyone looking to learn in a demo trading environment.


Trading Account Comparison

Simply select between ZERO and CORE to see the difference between the two trading accounts. Each of these two trading accounts have their own unique specialties when it comes to trading. Depending on what type of trader you are, go ahead and check what the ZERO and the CORE provide. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to one of our Account Managers via Live Chat.



From CORE, our raw spread trading account to ZERO, our zero commission account, our trading accounts are tailored for both beginners and seasoned traders.


Whether you’re new to trading or simply new to VerticaFX and want to get to see what our trading conditions are like, our Demo trading account is exactly what you need.

Different Types of Accounts

From Individual and Joint to Corporate and Trust trading accounts, we provide the diversity traders are looking for. Go ahead and check out how our types of account differ from each other.


If you’re looking to establish a trading account under one name only, this is the VerticaFX account for you.


Choose the joint trading account option when you want to open an account with someone else.


If you’re looking to open a trading account in your company’s name, choose our Corporate account option.


If you want to open a trading account under a trust or a corporate trust, select the Trust account option.

Trading Account FAQs

Over the years, our traders have asked us a series of questions relating to the trading accounts we offer. We’ve compiled the best and most frequently asked questions and added them here for you.

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How do I open a trading account?
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What does 'Round Turn' mean?
I’m brand new to trading. Do I get a Live or a Demo trading account?
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